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Instrumental house flavas from the mysterious East... end of London. Cut from live sessions, arranged and produced by motherboardconnection - an assortment of musicians DJs and sound manipulators who have been playing and running systems since way back.

Cat no. MC001
24Hours - Was a floor filler on dub plate. Solid bass and percussion led groover with warm keys, funky guitar loops and gravel voiced spoken word sample.... 'do you understand?'.
Spaghetti Sunrise - Phat and rolling psychedelic slow burner with a floating hammond and twisted sax-like sting in the tail.
Apres Storm - Majestic minimal blues for a walk after the rain.

Cat no. MC002
Following their well recieved debut '24 hours' EP, motherboardconnection return with two more cuts of percussive, funky, late-nite house music for the headz and the feetz.
Conga-lo - A percussion led instrumental journey thru an afterhours landscape of shimmering keys and distant guitar lines.
Mojo-go - Driving low slung bass line and off-kilter organ stabs return us to a place "...somewhere along the Nottingham/san Francisco axis". (James Kendall, DJ Mag)

Munawwa - Arabic for different, diverse, various, miscellaneous...
Cat no. MCD 003

The third release is a full album featuring all new mixes of the first two 12" singles plus three completely different mixes of the title track along with a remix from Tarantism's 'Cutting Edge of the Fluff Zone' album. Newly remastered for 2024 the 20th anniversary edition features a rare and previously unreleased track as a bonus track and a new CD booklet.

'Can't Techno More' remix - Reworking the deep, lush string arrangement of Tarantism's 'Can't Techno more'. Motherboard Connection turn out a sublime early morning house groover with a haunting female vocal sample.
Munawwa - Arabic flavoured acoustic guitar lines weave through the upright bass in this hypnotic house excursion to the East....
24 Hours - Spaghetti Sunrise - Congalo - Mojo-go - Munawwa (original) - Munawwa (remix) - Munawwa (dub) - Can't Techno More - Apres Storm - Around Midnite (bonus track)

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Originally released 2004 (2024 remaster)

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